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Published on November 26th, 2017 | by lifthold

What Muscles do Deadlifts Work: 5 Top Muscles on Target with Bonus Tips and Tricks

Deadlift is definitely your perfect exercise workout for building mass and a healthier body you will always love. Since it gives you that desired muscular strength and other deadlift benefits, this article will show you all of the muscle groups and even the individual muscles that deadlift work on as the king of mass builder.

Here are the top 5 muscles that the deadlift program work at.

The Gluteus Maximus & Associated Muscles

The deadlift is aimed at developing those strong and round muscles at the glutes or buttocks. It even works on the pelvic muscles surrounding the glutes giving you optimal performance and contraction for lifting heavier objects in action.

Shoulders & Trapezius

After each lift, the shoulders are slightly pulled back. The action stresses the muscles in the trapezius and the shoulders. That is why big deadlifters are known for having massive shoulders and traps development.

Arm Muscles

The deadlift’s ascenscion phase contradicts all of the muscles in the arms. It even worked the forearms in full strength.

Leg Muscles

Getting into a deadlift program not only strengthens the muscles of your upper body. It even enhances your leg muscles as it works on strengthening the whole leg region just like what the squat can do to your leg muscles. It is also an undeniable fact that most actions executed by the deadlift workout are performed by the legs with the back always supporting them.

Back Muscles

The back muscles are the primary group of muscles that the deadlift work at. In fact, the deadlift is often referred as the back movement. Since the back is the main stress throughout the movement of the deadlift, works on both the upper and lower back muscle groups.

Even for just a short period of deadlift workout, the lower back, commonly known as the “erectors,” can be easily noticed as being big and strong. Other surrounding muscles such as the latissimus dorsi are also at work here even to larger degree.

These are just the top muscle groups that the deadlift workout focuses for greater strength and flexibility. Conducting the deadlift workout for the first time must be monitored a workout professional to ensure optimal benefits.

Powerful Deadlift Tips and Tricks

Here are more deadlift tips and tricks that are very useful for both beginner and advanced deadlift fanatics to get the most out of every deadlift workout.

Look up, keeping your chest forward and your shoulders back.
Keep the momentum going at the middle of the movement with one smooth action and not with that jerky motion on the bar.
Try keeping your knees fixed nor tip forward throughout your deadlift session.
Take advantage of the power of straps and use them for some super heavy weight deadlift workouts.
Take every movement from top to bottom as smooth as possible.

The tips and tricks here are highly recommended for every successful deadlift program. These will not only give you that perfect body and muscular strength your need but will also keep you away from injury.

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