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Review: Russian Bear 5000 Mass Gainer by Vitol

The first thing that’s noticeable about this mass builder was its simplistic marketing and design on the label. It’s almost reminiscent of something from the 80s or 90s, and it’s different from some of the in-your-face types of marketing that some mass gainers, or supplements, in general, have. Its price was pretty high for a mass builder, running between $40 to $50 USD for a 4-pound tub. Most gainers come in 5-pound tubs and are roughly the same price. After getting over the front label, I turned it around to see the contents of this gainer.

The method in which you consume this gainer really determines how many calories you will take in. It lists the nutritional facts if you consume it with water only, or if you choose to use whole milk. Obviously, you will gain more weight and see more results if you mix it with milk because it contains significantly more calories and protein. A serving size of Russian Bear 5000 is 3 scoops, and if you combine it with 48 ounces of whole milk, you will reach about 1,500 calories and 84 grams of protein. If you just use water, it’s only 690 calories and 40 grams of protein. Water is a good idea only if using milk will put you way above your caloric needs or you’re making up the difference with regular food.

As for the taste, I have been using the “ice cream vanilla flavor”. If I recall correctly, this is the only flavor option there is for this mass gainer. It tastes fine – like your typical vanilla protein shake, but slightly stronger. However, this can be masked, and even enhanced, if you add things like peanut butter or chocolate powder. Adding these two ingredients will make it taste like drinking a liquid Reese’s peanut butter cup. It’s drinkable as it is, but I prefer to add to it. Additionally, adding peanut butter will provide you with more calories and protein for your mass-building needs. If you add chocolate powder and peanut butter, it can put you at roughly 1,800 to 2,000 calories.

Russian Bear 5000 contains a lot of different ingredients, minerals, and nutrients, but it will take an eternity to discuss all of them. It has all of the vitamins and BCAAs that you would expect in a mass gainer, but it also contains deer antler velvet and Yohimbe bark extract, allegedly supposed to boost testosterone. Aside from these other ingredients that you may want to research for yourself, this product does what it is supposed to do – help you build mass. If you are not reaching your required calories, this product will definitely do the trick. It worked for me, especially when I would have difficulty eating calories from food. Liquid calories are much easier to take in; however, be warned, you will feel full after a serving of Russian Bear 5000.


It works! It has a ton of calories, especially if you use milk. It also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and BCAAs.


The taste. While I think the taste is okay by itself, I think it needs something extra to make it taste even better and easier to down those calories.

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